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About Confined Spaces
A confined space is defined as an area that is large enough for an employee to enter and perform work, but has limited or restricted means of entry/exit and is not designed for continuous human occupancy. Examples include storage tanks, ship and barge hulls, silos, pipelines, construction sites/trenches, sewers and tunnels. Open-topped water and degreaser tanks can also be confined spaces as they prohibit natural ventilation and can be sources of gas generation.

Hazards of Confined Spaces
Normal safety hazards of the workplace are complicated by the limited area of most confined spaces, but the most serious threat to the health and saftey of the worker comes from atmospheric hazards. Unfavorable ventilation can cause the atmosphere to be life-threatening. Explosive and toxic gases and a lack of oxygen cause the majority of confined space injuries, and can be fatal. Leaking gases or liquids from storage tanks, natural gas lines, or underground tanks can also create a hazardous atmosphere, as can decomposing organic matter.

Don't Take Chances
With proper training, your workers can recognize confined spaces and their potential hazards. Pre-planning, sampling, preparation, proper equipment and protection are all key elements of a safe worksite.
HAZMATEAM, Inc. offers comprehensive training in confined space safety. For over 15 years we have served New England with quality training in all areas of EHS - OSHA, DOT, RCRA, IATA and more. Our qualified staff can assist with compliance, audits, consulting, and even provide confined space rescue services. Don't take chances...protect your workers by giving them the training that can save lives.




Our Training Courses

Confined Space Entrant / Attendant

Confined Space Rescue

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Rescue Services

HAZMATEAM also offers confined space rescue services. We provide 3-6 fully trained rescuers, back-up equipment, air monitoring back-up, SBCAs and more.

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